Welcome! I'm Sally Schmall

I have over 13 years' experience in career transition coaching and consulting with public and private sector organizations to improve their talent management practices by designing, developing and successfully implementing large scale hiring, career development, performance management and leadership development systems in organizations.

Prior to launching Academy Coaching in 2008 I served as the Director of Dual Career Recruitment at the University of Michigan facilitating faculty and senior administrative strategic recruitment efforts. I know firsthand how to help individuals secure their dream job as well as how to guide organizations in hiring the right talent at the right time.

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What clients in Higher Ed are saying:

Sally truly made a difference on how I look at myself as a PhD candidate! [She] catered to my new goals and provided me the clarity and empowerment I needed to propel me forward! Thank you for the motivation and professional development preparation skills that were the keys to me jump starting my next career steps."

Margarita Sifuentes

PhD Candidate, Csankovszki Lab
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Margarita Sifuentes

[Sally] helped me better articulate the diverse skills I have developed in graduate school on my resume and in my cover letters so that I am better positioned for various opportunities. She has a knack for blending practical advice with supportive coaching for graduate students exploring various career options and I would highly recommend her."

Sheila Terrones

Master of Public Administration, Healthcare
University of Michigan 2015

Sheila Terrones

I was fortunate to have a 25-year career with the same higher education institution. ... My job hunting skills had become rusty. Sally ... gave me advice to help me tune my message and ensure I put my best foot forward. The work we did together ... allowed me to effectively present myself throughout the entire hiring process."

Bill Wrobleski

Director, Technical Infrastructure
University of Hawaii

Bill Wrobleski

Sally helped me understand what I loved to do and develop a resume that reflected that so I could get the position I really wanted ... Sally also helped me prepare for the interview by developing an approach that got my key points across quickly and concisely. I got the perfect job!"

John Gohsman

Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer
Washington University in St Louis

John Gohsman

Leadership development coaching with Sally has allowed me to identify my strengths as well as areas for professional development and ultimately made me not only more successful in my previous role but also helped me land my new leadership position. Sally helped me develop the confidence … to negotiate a higher salary."

Sok Be

Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Temple University Law School

Sok Be

Sally helped me identify my key strengths and articulate them to a wide variety of people in various settings from my campus Skype interviews to my job talk - an invaluable skill which ultimately landed me a tenure track job."

Anne Parsons

Assistant Professor of History
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Anne Parsons

Sally is fantastic! She has helped me become a more effective and productive writer over the past nine months. Her guidance is always spot-on, her support is invaluable, and I look forward to working with her more as I move forward in my academic career."

Todd M. Olszewski

Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Health Policy & Management, Providence College

Todd Olszewski

We worked with Sally through our entire dual career job search. She was instrumental helping each of us prepare for our campus visits, manage the anxiety of getting through the process and ultimately negotiating our tenure track offers. It was the best money we ever invested into our careers!"

Rachel Davis & Shannon Davis

Asst Prof. of Public Health & Asst Prof. of Human Genetics
University of South Carolina

Rachel Davis

What clients in Industry & Health Care are saying:

In the past year, Sally has provided expert advice as I navigate the transition out of K-12 education. She asks insightful questions that allow me to formulate my own thinking and has assisted me in crafting a resume and cover letters that articulate transferable skills to non K-12 hiring managers. I know I will continue to seek Sally's advice as I advance my career in the future."

Elizabeth Crane
Elizabeth Crane

I'm getting ready for two interviews for promising sales positions right now and was thinking how grateful I am for your help over the last two months. ... I found you to be professional, non-judgmental, and constructively critical. I appreciate all of the advice you've given me and feel that it contributed to where I am today."

Luke Donahue
Luke Donahue

I have sporadically hired Sally for academy coaching for the last three years. I have found her to be consistent and reliable in her advice and recommendations. Her clarity of thoughts and superb skills have helped me to assess and negotiate critical next steps in my medical academic career."

Alicia Rodriguez-Pla, MD-Ph.D

Research Associate II
Baylor Institute for Immunology Research

Alicia Rodriguez-Pla

Sally worked with us on implementing core competencies into the performance management process - a project that had been at a standstill for three years. Within a month we had a clear vision, a model tailored to our department and the tools we needed to move forward. She made a complex situation manageable."

Matthew Hicks

Senior Manager
University of Michigan Hospital

Matthew Hicks

Coaching with Sally has helped me learn to better collaborate across the organization to gain critical perspectives, solve complicated problems, create buy in and manage politics."

Iichiro Kitsuda

VP Sales & Global Business
Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Inc.

Iichiro Kitsuda
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